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Cuticle nippers are an essential element of the manicure set . With this tool, you can carefully cut off the excess skin without spending a lot of time and effort. Nippersfrom the home series Classic - an ideal choice for those who want their nails to always look beautiful and well-groomed. With their help, you will forever forget about burrs and wounds that a poor-quality tool could have left.

Features of pliers for leather Classic :

made of steel grade 40Х13, which adds additional hardness and corrosion resistance to the tool;

working edges are located at a small angle, which makes the procedure even more comfortable and efficient;

professional double-sided sharpening of the blades allows you to cut off the extra skin with one click on the handles;

heat treatment in a special furnace improves functional properties and prolongs the service life; reliable fixation of the working parts prevents the occurrence of backlash and, as a result, guarantees the safety of the procedure;

metal plates between the handles provide a smooth tool path; ergonomic handles conveniently located in the palm, do not press and do not slide.

Thanks to the Classic  pliers, care for the cuticle is only a pleasure, and the end result will be pleasantly surprised. 

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